AGUC (46/1/2006)

List of contributions published in AGUC Vol. 46, No. 1/2006

Number of papers in this Issue: 9
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Masato Shimizu
Recent trends in non-marital births - a comparison between Slovakia and other industrialized countries, pp. 9-21
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Jozef Mládek, Jana Širočková
Family behaviour (cohabitations, extra-marital births) in Slovakia and Japan, pp. 23-47
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Satoshi Nakagawa
Selective Migration to Tokyo by Educational background and Gender, pp. 49-63
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Jana Širočková, Jozef Mládek
Family Formation and Disintegration in Japan and Slovakia (Similar and Different Features), pp. 65-92
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Tsukiko Kobayashi
Comparative Study of the Care of Elderly People: Japan and Slovakia, pp. 93-106
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Jana Marenčáková
Similarities and differences between natural movement of Slovak and Japan population, pp. 107-127
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Yasuhiro Ohzeki
Urban settings for demographic consideration in the border capital of Bratislava, pp. 129-140
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Pavol Korec
Changing urban structure of Bratislava at the beginning of 21st century, pp. 141-159
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Koji Kobayashi
Living - and settling conditions for inhabitants in rural areas - Kawai-Mura, Japan and Háj, Slovakia, pp. 161-173
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