AGUC (43/2/2003)

List of contributions published in AGUC Vol. 43, No. 2/2003

Number of papers in this Issue: 11
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Satoshi Nakagawa
The Long-term Regional Fertility Disparity in Japan, pp. 11-35
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Jana Marenčáková
Natality and Fertility of Population - Comparative Analysis of Japan and Slovakia, pp. 37-55
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Masato Shimizu
Suitable Age for the First Childbearing: a Case Study of Malacky, pp. 57-73
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Koji Kobayashi
Characteristics of Population in Gifu-Ken (Prefecture), Japan, pp. 75-91
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Ľubomír Kurčík
Migration Movement of the Population in Slovakia and in Japan, pp. 93-112
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Yasuhiro Ohzeki
A Comparative Study of Migration Behaviour in Japan and Slovakia, pp. 113-129
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Jozef Mládek
Population Ageing in Slovakia and Japan, pp. 131-154
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Tsukiko Kobayashi
Aging and the Problem of Care of Elderly People in Slovakia and Japan, pp. 155-177
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Dagmar Kusendová
Modelling of the Spatial Distribution of Population in Slovakia and Japan, pp. 179-204
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Peter Spišiak
Geographical Differences of Rural Population in Slovakia and Japan, pp. 205-223
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Robert Antl, Ján Buček
Social Economic Changes and Regional Development in Japan and Slovakia, pp. 225-244
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